• The Center for Arts in Natick (map)
  • 14 Summer St.
  • Natick, MA 01760

Join us for Four Legs to Stand On; a two-act play highlighting the opioid epidemic through human stories. Act I is a modern American tale. All is not well on the home front. Sam freshly home from her first year at college finds herself and her family in new, strange territory. Two illnesses are eating away at his family’s foundation. Only cancer is allowed a voice at the dinner table. Substance abuse and addiction are the other malady. This story exposes the secrecy that shrouds the topic of addiction. Act one highlights addiction as a family disease. It asks us as the audience to pull up a seat at the table and acknowledge this American struggle. In Act II we pull up a seat again beside Sam; this time in group therapy, surrounded by many different faces of addiction. We’re exposed to the successes of recovery and the heartbreak of relapse. Here we find the intimate space that exists between therapist and patient, patient and peer, and patient and disease. We dive head first into the realities of a cast of characters fighting for their lives. The second act pushes us all to stand firm in our support of those fighting this disease and ending this national epidemic.