Dedicated Minds Behind Our Mission

At, we pride ourselves on having a team that’s not just skilled and knowledgeable, but also deeply passionate about making a difference in the lives of those struggling with Adderall addiction. Meet the individuals who are at the forefront of this mission:

Pristian Fry – Author, Founder & Executive Director

With a vision to create a supportive community for individuals grappling with Adderall addiction, Pristian Fry founded Pristian, who holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, combines professional expertise with a personal understanding of addiction’s challenges, having overcome a stimulant addiction. Under Pristian’s leadership, has grown into a beacon of hope and a hub of resources for many.

Jordan Lee – Community Outreach Coordinator

Jordan Lee, with a background in social work, is the bridge between and the community it serves. Jordan’s role involves organizing support groups, workshops, and awareness campaigns. Jordan’s expertise in community mobilization and advocacy has been pivotal in expanding the reach and impact of’s programs.

Maya Chen – Content Manager & Editor

Maya Chen, wielding her pen and expertise in digital communications, is responsible for the compelling and informative content on Maya’s role encompasses managing the blog, overseeing social media content, and ensuring that the website remains a current and helpful resource for those seeking information and support.

Sam Rodriguez – Volunteer Coordinator

Sam Rodriguez brings energy and empathy to managing the diverse group of volunteers at With a background in psychology and volunteer management, Sam is adept at connecting volunteers’ skills with the needs of the community, making sure that every contribution counts.

Your Role in Our Team

While our team members come with their unique skills and experiences, it’s the stories, support, and involvement of individuals like you that truly define Join us in making a difference – whether through sharing your story, volunteering, or simply spreading awareness about Adderall addiction.

Together, we make a haven for hope, healing, and recovery.