Prevention Curriculum


Prevention Curriculum


  • What is it?

    • A three-part interactive, arts and project-based curriculum for the classroom

    • It incorporates the brain science of addiction with fun activities

    • Explores healthy coping skills using a competitive game

    • Utilizes improv games to practicing saying "no" to drugs

    • Explores connected stigma and social/emotional issues through performance

    • Through improv and drama therapy exercises encourages team-building, communication, and peer support

    • Students take an active role in supporting one-another in healthy choices

    • Through the final project students become leaders in ending stigma and help to educate and create a further conversation about the opioid epidemic, overdose, and addiction with their peers, teachers, and parents

  • Who is it for?

    • 8th - 12th graders

    • After-school programs

    • Youth groups

    • Youth faith groups

    • Youth camps



  1. Understanding addiction as a chronic disease

  2. Safe disposal of prescription opioids

  3. Overdose identification, prevention, and Naloxone

  4. Effective vs. Ineffective communication with someone suffering with a Substance Use Disorder

  5. Understanding the Good Samaritan Act

  6. Decreased stigma towards those suffering from an Opioid Use Disorder

  7. Encouraging healthy coping skills

  8. How to say no and not succumb to peer pressure

  9. Conversations between students, parents, and school faculty through student created arts-projects

  10. Students feeling empowered to become active allies in changing the way society looks at addiction

  11. A deeper connection between students and the school psychologist or social worker

  12. Connection to local resources (teen support groups, youth prevention task forces, treatment centers, trauma support, hotlines...etc.)





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Laurie Macdougall

Laurie MacDougall is a former high school math teacher.  She attends Boston University in pursuit of her masters degree in social work.  She co-founded Resources Education and Support Together (REST), an educational group for families struggling with a loved one with a Substance Use Disorder.  She works for Allies in Recovery, an online platform that utilizes the Community Reinforcement And Family Training (CRAFT) method of behavioral coaching for families, and as a host of the podcast, Coming up for Air, to bring thoughtful discussions of topics relevant to addiction and healing to the airwaves. 

Justin Culshaw

Justin is a student pharmacist studying at the University of Rhode Island. His long time love for the arts and passion for healthcare have brought him to work with COAAST. He has been a part of many theatrical productions both as an actor and director at a children's theatre camp. Justin hopes that by combining his experience and passions, he can help make a difference in our nation suffering from prescription drug abuse.


Contemporary Theater Company

The Contemporary Theater Company was founded in June 2005. It started as a collaborative project among young local artists interested in restoring the once vibrant live theater scene of southern Rhode Island. After one successful year, the vision matured and the company began to grow.

 Since then, our company has prospered, producing more than 70 full-length productions and many smaller events. Our talent pool has expanded backed by generous community support, and thousands of audience members have found a new appreciation of the performing arts.